Last update : 17/06/2005
- Mame0.97

What is it ?

 This is the homepage of the MorphOS port of MAME, the multi arcade machine emulator.
  The current version is 0.97.
 Here are a few games that are supported by MAME :


 There is now a built-in GUI for mame . In order to use it, just start mame in workbench mode.
 This GUI is mainly a list of available roms. Each game can be configured with usual options.
 Note that you need a working NList.mcc and GuiGfx.mcc (available on aminet) to run the GUI.

 Screenshots of the user interface: Main window, Prefs window

 If you prefer to start mame in a shell, you can use the following command line: mame.elf < game >  
 mame -showusage shows all the available options.

Download links :

If you encounter any problems, please mail me to :